an artistic endeavor for those who live boldly: meet JPEG006: STATEMENT OUTERWEAR


house of jpeg is a multidisciplinary creative house designing the things of your wildest dreams. 

it's the project of jpegjane, who is a girl with an itch to create across different mediums while continuously pushing herself: to become more curious, to work with new partners, to design against new constraints. upon leaving her job at Google she decided to create that space for herself — and to make it more than a space — rather, to make it a house. 


this house has 3 rooms:

➕ product design: creating bold things that help people express themselves. from jumpsuits to hair accessories to luggage to dinnerware: the janebrain loves to reimagine mundane products. she aims to add some sparkle to the world by designing unique objects with memorable (and oft-custom) details. dream project: a collection of lucite block-heeled shoes. 

➕ creative direction: producing thoughtful, aesthetic output across mediums. from art direction to experience design, jane takes on creative direction projects that allow her to show people the world through a more imaginative lens. she's currently working on a color-based video series and creative directing the experience for a japanese summer camp. 10 year plan: to produce a dinner party in outer space.

➕ brand strategy: building brands that people want to talk about. an early-adopter, jpegjane has understood the value of social media since it's inception. she ran the Democratic National Convention Instagram strategy (2012), founded Google's Social Lab (2015-2018), and now occasionally takes on brand strategy consulting projects. one rule: she only works for brands that she too would want to talk about. 


the oh-so-fine print: 

house of jpeg will release its projects in the standard format of JPEG001: FLIGHTSUIT, JPEG002: SUMMER CAMP, JPEG003: WEBSITE, JPEG004: NEON SIGN, et al.  
house of jpeg products will be released in limited quantities of 27, unless otherwise noted. 
one day we might be designing a jumpsuit, the next day designing a camp, the next day producing a film. and that's exactly the point: to experiment, to produce, to keep redecorating the house.



interested in working together? have you too been concepting a dinner party in outer space? just want to chat? give me a shout at

and most importantly: whether you're a long-time resident or it's your first time here: welcome to the house of jpeg; welcome home.